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October, 2012

RMB Internationalization as a New Driving Force for China’s Economy
The Prospects for the RMB to Trade Directly with the CAD and AUD
An Analysis of the WTO Case Between the U.S. and China
Distribution is the Key to Reform in China
Managing Disputes over Bank Card Payment Fees
Promote the Development of Industrial Finance

September, 2012

China’s Economy in the Next 20 Years
China Requires a Second Economic Reform to Respond to Future Challenges
Financial Services for the Real Economy
The Need for Innovation in Providing Financial Services for Seniors
Shifting the Focus of Financial Reform to Small Enterprises and Residents
Developing the Wealth Management Industry in China

August, 2012

Analysis of China’s Offshore Financial Market Development
Building New Regional Financial Service Centers in China
Governance Mechanism Reform for Commercial Banks in China
Improving the Local Financial Ecology in China
The Impact of Interest Rate Marketization on the Trust Industry
The Motivation for Financial Reform in Wenzhou

July, 2012

Direction for Interest Rate Liberalization
Financial Reform and Innovation in China
Financial Reform and Innovation in Qianhai District of Shenzhen
Reform of the Natural Gas Pricing Mechanism
Reform of the Refined Oil Pricing Mechanism
Will Canada Block the Nexen- CNOOC deal?
Direct Exchange between the Chinese Renminbi and the Canadian Dollar

June, 2012

Direct Financing and Capital Market Reform
Further Thoughts on RMB Exchange Rate Reform
New Capital Regulations for Commercial Banks
Promoting Interest Rate Marketization in China
Prospects and Principles for Promoting Financial Innovation
Which Currency will Follow the Yen?

May, 2012

Insurance Consumer Protection Issues in China
Why Does the Banking Sector Maintain High Profits?
The Prospects for Foreign Trade Development in China
Shadow Banking in China
Internationalization of Local State-owned Financial Institutions in Shanghai
Financing Problems for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Solving the Financing Problems for Micro and Small Enterprises
Local Financial Development and Competition in China
Microfinance Company Development in China
The Proposals for the Rural Social Security System Reform

April, 2012

A Soft Landing for Real Estate Investment in 2012
Banking Reform Under the Condition of Interest Rate Liberalization
Develop Small and Micro Banks in the Next Stage of Financial Reform
Establishing a Deposit Insurance System in China
Measures to Optimize the Monetary Policy Control Mechanism in China
The Conditions for Interest Rate Reform
The Development of Shanghai as an International Financial Center
The Development of the Hong Kong Offshore RMB Market
The Futures Markets in China
Two Recommendations for Improving China’s Monetary Policy Control Targets


A Summary of the Local Government Bonds System in China
Financial System Reform in China
Improving the Macroprudential Regulation System in China
Measures to Reform the Chinese Bond Market
Private Lending in China: Risks and Responses
Reforming the Financial Regulatory System in China
Reforming the Money Market in China
Strategies for Internationalizing the RMB
The Derivatives Market in China
The Strategic Focus for Rural Financial Reform in China


Internationalization of the RMB: Current Status, and Existing Challenges
Internationalization of the RMB: Future Steps
Countermeasures to Further Promote the Reform of China's Banking Sector
Strategies and Priorities for Financial Regulation Reform in China
Long Term Challenges for the Chinese Economy and Priorities for Macro-control Policies
Countermeasures to Improve the Interbank Market in China
The Use of Monetary Policy to Regulate and Control the Real Estate Market
Promoting Industrial Restructuring with Outward Foreign Investment
Restructuring and Optimizing the Financial System in China
The Reform of China’s Financial Service Institutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


Adjustments in China’s Import Tariffs
Analyzing the Channels for Overseas Renminbi Investment
Financial Cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau
Financial Demand within the Three Marine Industry Sectors in China
Introducing Private Investment in Local Municipal Construction Projects
Promoting the Reform of Local Government Bonds in China
The Development and Characteristics of Shadow Banks in China
The Development of Small and Medium-sized City Commercial Banks
The Direction for Reform in China’s Land Administration Policy
The “Going Global” Strategy of China’s Financial Institutions
Integration of Industry and Finance in China: Current Developments and Problems
China's Interbank Markets: Analysis of Investors and Regulations

The previous publications

Inherent Problems in the Monetary Policy
Policies and Prospects for the New Energy Industry
Prospects for the Implementation of the Fiscal Policy
An Analysis of Real Estate Market Regulation
RMB Exchange Rate Policies —during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period
Policies for Structural Adjustment in the Iron and Steel Industry —during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period
Transformation of Foreign Exchange Reserves Management
Financial Policies for the “Going Global” Strategy
An Analysis of Hot Money
Development of the High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industry
Excess Currency Issuance and Inflation
Systemic Risks in the Bond Market
The “Going Global” Strategy for Large Banks
The Progress in Developing the Oil Reserve System
The Future Trend of the Wind Power Industry
The Financial Regulatory System and Orientation Reforms
Main Paths for Promoting Internationalization of the Renminbi
The Current Situation and Existing Problems for Private Capital
Development Policies for the Strategic Emerging Industries
Development Prospects for the Coal Chemical Industry
Local Financing Platforms and the Capital Adequacy Ratio of Banks in China
The Adjustment Policies for China’s Rare Earth Industry
Future Prospects for Capital Account Control in China
Financing Difficulties for China’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Probing into China’s Rural Social Security System Reform
Positioning and Prospect Analysis of “CIC II
Analysis on China’s Direct Investment in Europe
China’s Strategy to Promote the Construction of an Overseas RMB Market
Banking Operating Strategies in the Case of Tightening Monetary Policy
The Impact of Renminbi Appreciation on Financial Markets
Problems in China’s New Energy Industry
The International Operations of China’s Key Iron and Steel Enterprises
China’s Fiscal Sustainability and Financial Stability
The Control Policies of China’s Aluminum Industry
The Income Distribution Problems of Chinese Residents
The Interest Spreads for Large, Small, and Medium Sized Chinese Banks
The Development of Strategic Emerging Industries in China
Building a RMB Offshore Center in Hong Kong