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G.Bin Zhao: Closer ties with mainland China are good for Hong Kong business. March 31, 2016
G.Bin Zhao: 2016年一开始就机会遍野. February 03, 2016
G.Bin Zhao: Why international markets are wrong to expect continued renminbi depreciation. February 03, 2016
G.Bin Zhao: Low oil prices present a good opportunity to promote reforms. January 28, 2016
G.Bin Zhao: Beyond The Pessimism: Why Sustained, Healthy Development Will Be The New Normal For China's Economy. January 18, 2016


G.Bin Zhao: Joining EBRD a win-win scenario for China. December 17, 2015
G.Bin Zhao: How the Winter Olympics can have a snowball effect on China's economy. August 22, 2015
G.Bin Zhao: Stock market turmoil won't hold up China's financial reform. August 5, 2015
G.Bin Zhao: China’s bull market isn’t finished yet, despite the wild ride. July 9, 2015
G. Bin Zhao was interviewed by CCTV 2 on AIIB. June 28, 2015
G.Bin Zhao: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank faces many hurdles. May 1, 2015
G.Bin Zhao: China's property market has reached a turning point. February 23, 2015
G.Bin Zhao: China should welcome Catholic Church and other faith traditions. January 30, 2015
G.Bin Zhao: Google must not give up on the Chinese market. January 7, 2015
Yang Tao attended the Macroeconomic Situation Forum organized by the NDRC, January 6, 2015


G.Bin Zhao: Saputo Should Eye M&A In China. December 30, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: China is not quite ready to rewire global finance. December 29, 2014
Yang Tao participated in a forum sponsored by the NDRC, December 27, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: Creating A Trainmaker Monopoly Is In Conflict With China's Reform Ambition. December 22, 2014
Yang Tao participated in the 2015 China Circum-Bohai-Sea Investment and Financing Forum, December 21, 2014
G. Bin Zhao was invited to speak at China Corporate Debt Forum 2014. November 1, 2014
Yang Tao participated in the Assessment Meeting held at the China International Economic and Exchange Center, October 23, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: The Change Of PBOC Governor A Signal Of Financial Reform In China? October 7, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: Ukraine crisis a reminder to West that biggest threat is from Russia, not China. September 17, 2014
Yang Tao attended a seminar at the Stanford Center at Peking University, August 25, 2014
Yang Tao attended the 2014 Seminar on the Development of China’s Credit Card Industry, August 15, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: A Modern Management Theory Perspective Of The Chinese Dream. July 24, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: Chinese dream will become reality only if China learns to manage change. July 14, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: Chinese Internet giants demonstrate growing strength of nation . June 3, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: Direct conversion between yuan and euro is on the way. May 14, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: A Chinese perspective on Pfizer’s AstraZeneca bid. May 4, 2014 (Chinese/中文)
G.Bin Zhao: Will Pfizer-AstraZeneca deal go through? May 1, 2014 (Chinese/中文)
Yang Tao was awarded National May Day Labor Medal, April 29, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: China's Macro-Economic Landscape, Prodygia Video Interview. April 24, 2014
G. Bin Zhao & David Hale: China reform dividend emerges while US & Europe recover. April 18, 2014 (Chinese/中文)
G. Bin Zhao: How a small Chinese mobile phone maker leaped to top three in France? March 10, 2014 (Chinese/中文)
G.Bin Zhao: China's Economy In A Jiawu Year: When It Rains, It Pours. March 7, 2014
G.Bin Zhao: Beijing takes gentle approach to deflating real estate bubble. February 11, 2014
G. Bin Zhao: Is Microsoft’s new CEO qualified for the turnaround? February 5, 2014 (Chinese/中文)


Yang Tao: Assessment of the Tianjin Binhai New Area Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area, December 5, 2013
G. Bin Zhao: Deepening Reform during Economic Transition: Outlook for the Third Plenary Session. November 7, 2013 (Chinese/中文)
G.Bin Zhao: Can China's economic planners rise to the challenge? November 7, 2013
G.Bin Zhao: New Silk Road starts with Xian, October 30, 2013
Yang Tao: A Study on How the APEC Financial System Will Support the Development of the Real Regional Economy, October 21, 2013
Yang Tao: A Study on the Modern Financial Industrial Cluster in Shijingshan District of Beijing, October 21, 2013
Yang Tao: Research on How the Export-Import Bank of China will Support International Economic Cooperation and Development, October 10, 2013
G.Bin Zhao: China's crackdown on corruption is Communist Party's 'New Long March', September 23, 2013
Yang Tao: China steers middle path of stable growth, August 2, 2013
G.Bin Zhao: A China crash in the making? July 23, 2013
Yang Tao: A Study on the Financial System Matching the Structure of the Real Economy, June 1, 2013
Yang Tao: Research on the Five-Year Financial Plan of Quanzhou, Fujian, May 27, 2013
G.Bin Zhao: China's economy faces a rough ride in the next few years, May 07, 2013
Yang Tao: A Comparative Study of the Maritime Financial System in Foreign Marine Powers, May 2, 2013
G.Bin Zhao: Lenovo might be a perfect choice for Blackberry, March 7, 2013
G.Bin Zhao: CNOOC will face serious challenges managing Nexen, February 20, 2013
G.Bin Zhao: End State-Owned Dominance Now, January 25, 2013


G.Bin Zhao: CNOOC-Nexen deal opens Canadian investment door, December 15, 2012
Yang Tao: The growth dividends of an international renminbi, November 8, 2012
G. Bin Zhao: Diaoyus fallout sees China refocus RMB push to Australia, Canada, October 22, 2012
Yang Tao: China must ensure the financial health of its elderly, September 22, 2012
G.Bin Zhao: Brighter days ahead for China's economy, September 17, 2012
G.Bin Zhao: A CNOOC-Nexen deal would foster trade, August 03, 2012
G.Bin Zhao: Who's next in renminbi internationalisation push? from South China Morning Post, June 22, 2012
CEP Chief Economist will head research for VISA, March 01, 2012
CEP Chief Economist gave lectures to governors of Jilin Province, February 23, 2012
CEP Chief Economist talks with officials of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, February 16, 2012
German Chancellor Merkel speaks at CASS ,February 2, 2012


China’s Economy & Policy and FactSet Reach Distribution Agreement, November 10,2011
Market Publishers Ltd and China's Economy & Policy Sign Partnership Agreement, September 29, 2011
CEP Chief Economist speaks at the China Ocean Economic Forum, September 16, 2011
Dr.Yang opened the China Forex Forum in Shanghai on 8 September, September 8, 2011
Dr. Yang Tao Presided over the "International Financial Centre and Shipping Center" News Conference, August 9, 2011
Dr. Yang Tao Participated in the Sino-German Financial Stability Forum, July 12, 2011