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China Market Challenge
Looking for investment and growth opportunities in China?
Seeking to understand the evolving economic and policy trends having an impact on the Chinese business environment?
Searching for authoritative advice on industry developments to facilitate better investment decisions?

Tackle the challenges--China's Economy & Policy
China's Economy & Policy (CEP) is the flagship publication of Gateway International. It places unparalleled knowledge and insider expertise at your finger tips. We provide critical economic and industry analysis, policy insights and expert advice to support business decision-making in China.
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What Makes Us Distinct
China's Economy and Policy (CEP) is closely affiliated with Chinese government institutions and authoritative research agencies which enables us to give clients the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence about economic developments as well as policy predictions.
Based on proprietary knowledge, China's Economy and Policy (CEP) delivers reliable economic and policy expertise on over 15 strategic sectors (listed below) in the Chinese market as well as their impact around the globe.
We provide clients with uniquely integrated service combining both our monthly publication of consulting reports -- over 12 high quality reports covering key economic, industry and policy topics (listed below) and ad-hoc tailored research and consulting projects to serve specific requests.

Macro economy
Monetary policy
Foreign reserves
RMB exchange rate
Fiscal policy and taxation reform
Private capital and investment
Going global strategy

Hot money
Financial supervision reform
International/overseas investment
Financial and banking risk
Capital markets
Regional development
Rural economy
Income distribution and social welfare

Financial services
Renewable energy
Strategic emerging industries
Low carbon economy
New energy automobiles
High tech
Real estate
Energy (oil, coal, natural gas)

Electrical power
Iron and steel
Equipment manufacturing
Metal and mining
Public sector
Social sector

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